This potent, 100% pure, essential oil is a perfect gift for the beloved men in your life. It smells woody, mystical and it remembers of one thousand and one nights.
Modern studies have found that PATCHOULI helps to boost one’s mood as it stimulates the production of the two hormones serotonin and dopamine, which leads to a reduction of stress. Some active ingredients in Patchouli act as a sedative to improve sleep quality. CHINESE MEDICINE confirms that it has the power to boost one’s libido by promoting the production of sex hormones, dispel sexual anxiety and treat sexual problems as for example impotence and erectile dysfunction.
With its dark and mystical features CEDARWOOD gives the DIVINE MASCULINE essential oil a special connection to the kidneys, which are the origin of essence and Qi. Cedarwood essential oil opens the Ren Mai and helps to break up yin stasis. It is clearing phlegm heat in the lung and also enhances circulation to the scalp. This means that hair growth is better supported, and follicles get strengthened. Besides those, and many more benefits, it also balances the oil producing glands in the scalp, which is providing a more hair-growth-friendly condition.
BLACK PEPPER essential oil is perfect for promoting hair growth, because it is increasing the blood flow in the hair root and VETIVER is relieving stress, nervousness, insomnia and emotional traumas. It is also used for arthritis and together with FRANKINCENSE, which can be used to improve respiratory function, reduce stress levels and improve skin health this mixture, of essential oils is not only a sexy, masculine, natural parfum, but also a very powerful plant medicine.

My personal recommendations and how I am using the DIVINE MASCULINE ESSENTIAL OIL:

  • As an anti-stress treatment: mix in equal parts DIVINE FEMININE essential oil and DIVINE MASCULINE essential oil and then apply to the inner hollow of the wrist.
  • I am using a few drops in my shampoo or I am massaging my scalp with some drops of the oil the night before washing my hair to enhance hair growth and to enjoy vivid, shiny and healthy hair for a long time.
  • Diffuse- Apply Topically- Add to your beauty routine/bath- Use as a natural parfum

Size: 10ml

Cautions for essential oils:

  • Do a patch test before skin application
  • Keep it out of the reach of children

Dilute the oil if necessary


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About Doris Mag. phil. Doris Kemptner is an intuitive healer arising from her long journey of travels around the globe and from her high profile modelling career including a wide range of public media appearances.

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