Reiki is not a massage, nut it can combined with one. I mostly give Reiki with natural essential Oils. Surely I will use some Rose Oil for the heart chakra

About Reiki

Reiki is a very balancing hands-on healing method that can be combined with any other treatment or medication. It is safe and allows you to receive a huge amount of pure channelled life force energy. This means you will feel deeper relaxed and still energized after a Reiki Session. Reiki comes originally from Japan, but it is said that also Buddha and Jesus were healing with their hands. Scientists proved that during a Reiki Treatment the healer channels woo times more energy with the hands than with other parts of the body

Possible benefits of Reiki

- Relieves anxiety, anger and symptoms coming from stress

- Helps with mood swings and sleeping difficulties

- Anti-aging

- Can help you to lose weight

- Supports healing of wounds and to speed up recovery

- Balances the chakras

- Works on the physical, mental and emotional body at the same time

Reiki Courses

About the Course

The Courses take place in Vienna, at retreat centres all around the world or elsewhere upon request. One level takes 8 hours, it will be split to two days and includes script, certificate and practice.

Energy Exchange

Level 1 150€, Level 2 300€, Level 3 Master 400€, Level 4 Teacher 500€,

Package all 4 Levels 1.200€

Level 1 and 2: 400€

Level 3 and 4: 800€

Reiki Treatment, 1 Hour, Energy Exchange: 80€

It was an honour to teach the wonderful power-woman Katitza Rodriguez, the director of the international rights organisation EFF Congratulations for your Reiki Certificate, you beautiful soul.

Congratulations to these Beautiful Souls