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The kind of yoga that I teach is a big passion of mine. I teach Ayurvedic Yoga. it is also called “Three Dosha Sequence” or ‘Meditative Tantra Yoga’ and I studied it at Shri Kali Ashram. in India. This Yoga form comes from Kashmir Shaivism, which has a beautiful tantric background. In this style of Yoga you will never stand up, it is practiced with closed eyes (as soon as you have practiced it a few times you will be able to keep your eyes closed during the entire sequence and you will be guided by my voice). Ayurvedic Yoga deeply balances and restores. There are one or two deep breaths (depending on which session you book) in between the sets of poses to guide you in a deep meditative space and of course to stretch your intercostal muscles.
The extended version includes one hour of forward bends followed by the sequence of Ayurvedic Yoga, which balances the doshas (vats, pitta, kapha) and is extremely rejuvenating. Your body will be stretched smoothly into all directions. Everyone can join, even absolute beginners. This yoga opens all chakras and works deeply on your emotional body as well. You will feel into the stretch and stay for some time in each asana.


Weight loss
Deep relaxation
Anti- aging
Releasing of tension and emotional issues
Happier and more balanced life
Healthier lifestyle

More About the Class

In this meditative Yoga form everybody can join, also absolute beginners. It is a very relaxing and soft style of Yoga performed with closed eyes.

Energy Exchange

80€ for 1 Hour

120€ for 2 Hours

For more than one person upon request.

Relax and rejuvenate with my Meditative Tantra Yoga Video

This Yoga Video is a one hour long relaxation for all levels and Yoga skills.
Profound relaxation is the key for losing weight. coping with health issues and improving mood swings.
The following Yoga sequence will make you feel in harmony and restore your energy levels.
It is practised with closed eyes while lying down on the mat performing asanas that are balancing body. mind and soul.

Purchase this Yoga Video for an energy exchange of 25 Euro directly with the “BUY NOW” button below:

About Doris Mag. phil. Doris Kemptner is an intuitive healer arising from her long journey of travels around the globe and from her high profile modelling career including a wide range of public media appearances.

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