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Chinese Medicine offers the best and most useful concepts for a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

About Tcm

I will check your tongue, pulse and give you several pages of nutrition advises that fit for you that really help! Later on we might work with natural herbs together, everything safe and delicious.

Personally i have my degree in western nutrition from university and i teach nutrition to students, but always also under the aspect of Chinese medicine, because i find their concepts MUCH MORE ADVANCED!!!

For a session of TCM Nutrition and Lifestyle Advises the energy exchange is between 60€ and 100€, it takes 6o-90 minutes and can take place anywhere.

Possible Benefits of Tcm:

– weight loss

– anti aging

– better skin, nails and hair

– better and deeper sleep

– happier mood and the ability to put boundaries more easily

– deeper understanding of Chinese medicine and the individual suitable nutrition concept

– working on the SHEN (soul level- through the suitable nutrition)

– reduce or eliminate PMS, blood clots etc. and stagnation

– reduce water retention in the body or dryness

– more flexible and much more energy

About Doris Mag. phil. Doris Kemptner is an intuitive healer arising from her long journey of travels around the globe and from her high profile modelling career including a wide range of public media appearances.

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