Doris Kemptner


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Mark Maybank, England

"I am fairly new to Rebirthing and had a couple of sessions with other practitioners before finding Doris. I had two sessions with Doris, both quite different in what was revealed to me, both equally profound.

What I loved about Doris was her obvious passion for the work she does and the love and support she gave us as she held the space and guided us through our session. I felt really comfortable with Doris and was able to share my insights and experience with her afterwards, most importantly I felt safe and complete trust in Doris, I would highly recommend her as a practitioner."

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Scarlett Lee, Australia

"Signing up for Reiki classes is the best decision I've ever made for myself in 20 years of life, with Doris being my teacher is totally cherry on top. Reiki grounds you, it calms you down. It helps you realise what you truly want and need. It gives you peace and satisfaction. It amazed me. And Doris is just full of positive energy and kindness and friendliness and smiles and encouragement... She is so supportive throughout the journey and makes sure you feel confident about yourself and what you're doing. Her proficiency is for sure undoubtable. She will answer every questions of yours and convince you with actions. Together with the Rebirth, it washed out so much hidden negative emotions of mine and I felt like a whole new lighter and better being. Whether you're looking to self-explore or to remove blockages, I would definitely recommend going to Doris because you just can't go wrong with her."

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Anna Ivanova, Russia

"Doris, I'm so glad that I had this chance to meet you. Your meditative tantra class was my favourite, though I managed to get only once. It was so relaxing and feminine. 3 hours of moving meditation...

As for rebirthing, it was first time experience for me. And it's unforgettable. Something unexplainable happened on both physical and emotional level. I let go something very significant that blocked the flow of energy. I felt that it was healthy and healing. And I felt that the healing process continued the next day. I was sleeping for 12 hours after the session. Whenever I have the chance to repeat this experience under your guidance (which was very gentle on the one hand and strong on the other)I will do it.

I'm not very good in expressing myself and some things I just can't explain. Your personality first of all: You are always smiling and shining. That's how happy person looking like."

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Linda Lynn, Switzerland

"I did both, rebirthing and yoga classes with Doris and she is truly magical. It was my first rebirthing session and she made me feel very safe and hold the space amazingly. I started shivering and making uncontrolled movements but due to Doris professional and loving guidance I could let go completely and felt safe and well looked after through the whole session. As she is a professional psychologist, we could work through some old and deep hidden issues, which came up during the session. I am so thankful for this life-changing experience. I feel so much lighter and happier now. Doris is also an incredible Yoga teacher. I can highly recommend her. If you have the chance to do a session with her, do it. ❤️ thank you beautiful soul, Doris Kemptner. I am so thankful for meeting you."

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Eri Phangan, Japan

"Rebirthing work with Doris was really really good. It was my first time rebirthing work, I was nervous at the beginning and not really understand what I have to do. Doris she has special energy to relax people, I slowly I am relaxed and rebirthing work started I wasn't sure what I have to do but Doris supported me to do the deep work.

After about 20min I was in trance I don't know where I were ,my whole body are numbed, I cried ,I even don't know why I cried, it was something very deep emotions coming out from me. It was amazing after finished I was really tired but felt like I am new born baby

I highly recommend rebirthing work with Doris. She has special energy!"

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Paddy Carr, England

"I had an amazing experience with Doris as she taught me reiki levels 3 and 4. Doris was thoughtful, well prepared and above all very passionate about Reiki, which meant we had an incredible four days of constant learning, fun and powerful energy healing! One thing that I particularly loved was that Doris taught me how to use the singing bowls, which I have since incorporated into my practice. Doris also teaches rebirthing and yoga as well as many other disciplines, so she brings experience and ideas from those realms too. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would thoroughly recommend for anyone thinking about learning reiki, to do it with her!"

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Danielle Holzhey, Germany

"I had my first Rebirthing with Doris and it was an amazing cosmic experience. It helped me to release some of my fears. You can feel the love and passion she has to helping others, During the session I felt really safe and protected She is a powerful woman full of love and lots of energy. Thank you so much for helping me grow beautiful soul :)"

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Tahlia Reynolds, Australia

"As soon as I saw Doris, I thought to myself "I wonder what this lady is all about?". She's the kindest, most vibrant and gentle soul walking around Koh Phangan. When I heard that she took the Ayurvedic yoga class, I knew I had to try. I didn't know what would be involved. I'm new to yoga in the sense that I don't practice often. The class was challenging, but Doris held space so beautifully. It was a good 'workout'. My body and mind felt at ease and I feel into a deep sleep at the end when Doris lead us into another dimension with her guided meditation. Highly recommend trying anything that Doris has to offer. It's a real awakening."

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Karen Louise Scheuner, USA

"My experience with Doris as a yoga instructor has been truly extraordinary. I have been practicing yoga for over ten years, and I have never experienced such a profound and deep level of relaxation from just one class. With her loving guidance and creative sequencing, she leads her students to reach their deepest levels of relaxation; it is from this place that true healing and transformation to occur. Doris is a gifted healer with many modalities to share. She is a gift to all who grace her presence."

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Jean Cruickshank, New Zealand

"I went to as many of Doris' classes as I could and every single one was absolutely magical! She puts so much heart and passion into what she does and is such a beautiful person inside and out! I fully recommend any of her classes, especially the rebirthing - it's such an incredible experience! Thank you so much for the time we shared, so much love ❤️❤️❤️."

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Annamaria Credenzone, Italy

Doris is a very beautiful being, she has been great both with me and my son. I have experienced two rebirthing sessions and it was an amazing experience; my son had two reiki sessions. It helped to enlight both of us. I know we'll see her again.

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Katharina Thürer, Germany

Doris is a beautiful woman full of compassion, empathy and kindness. I received a couple of Rebirth-Sessions in India and I trusted her from the first Minute. I felt safe, guided and protected by her energy and presence. She guided me with great awareness and care! With her huge experience in modern and alternative psychology and healing methods I felt in good hands! she is great guide and healer - even after the Sessions she supported me with guidance, help and knowledge which was really helpful during the integration process! If you want to try rebirth I can highly recommend her!