Herbal Body Scrub HONEY&TUMERIC



Handmade in the north of Thailand with completely natural, regional ingredients this HERB DEE KA peeling keeps your skin healthy, clean and nourished.
This peeling is suitable for the whole body and 100% natural. There are no additive or artificial ingredients inside. Honey is anti- aging; sea salt has antiseptic properties. Thanaka is a nutrient-dense paste packed with vitamin E, which protects the skin against free radicals.
Tumeric brings glow to the skin, boosts healing, helps treat psoriasis and acne scarring. Tamarind has AHAs and citric acid which help cleanse the skin of dead cells and other impurities and acts therefore as a natural exfoliator.
Ingredients: Honey, Salt, Cassumunar Ginger, Tamarind, Thanaka, Tumeric



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