Sandalwood Essential Oil



This is my favorite essential unisex oil. It has a delicious smell and is 100% pure and natural, produced carefully by the company Khadi Natural Healthcare in India.

This oil has many benefits from moisturizing the skin, bringing antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties to calming inflammation and the nerve system. This delicious oil helps to ease depression as well. You can use it for massage, bath, diffuse it and as a natural parfum. I, myself, just use essential oils as parfums. There are so many different sandalwood scents, but this natural sandalwood oil is special and especially delicious. It is also a perfect gift as it will arrive in a beautiful box, with a separate dropper.

My personal recommendations and how I am using the ESSENTIAL SANDALWOOD OIL:

  • I recommend to use it for dry skin massages with your Gua Sha stone.
    Either you use the DIVINE FEMININE essential oil to enjoy all the deeply nourishing and cleaning anti-aging effects of the vitamin C or you use this softer version for your face massage, which is also very effective: Natural Sandalwood Essential Oil with for example Almond oil.
  • I use it as a parfum pure or with the other essential oils together. Apply the oil to the back of your knees and everyone will enjoy your delicious appearance J

Size: 15ml

Cautions for all essential oils:

  • Do a patch test before skin application
  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • Dilute the oil if necessary


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