This 100% pure and natural essential oil is sweet, fresh, feminine and very effective.

It consists of pure and highly concentrated ORANGE oil which increases well- being, libido and happiness, but also acts as a stagnation reliefer for PMS pain together with ROSMARY, which is known to be beneficial to help aid with migraines, poor memory, and digestive issues. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rosemary is said to treat wind-damp-cold, resolves phlegm, and tonifies yang.
The high amount of FRANKINCENSE gives the FEMININE essential oil a very high frequency, reduces feelings of anxiety, stimulates the immune system, and diminishes signs of aging.
LAVENDER fights stress and nourishes the batteries of our bodies, the kidneys. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, lavender is used to treat infertility and anxiety. Together with VANILLA oil, which has a calming effect on the brain and helps with stress, insomnia and irritability, this mixture of essential oils is not only a delicious, natural parfum, but also a very powerful plant medicine.

My personal recommendations and how I am using the DIVINE FEMININE ESSENTIAL OIL:

This oil is very potent in relieving PMS pain, cramps, mood swings as for example tendencies to anger or sadness. I recommend to put a few drops on your lower abdomen after ovulation until you receive your moon days and to use it until day three of your period. If you have not too much stagnation/pain you can start with it also just 1-2 days before your moon days or at the same day. I just use some drops of the pure oil, but please check with your skin if it is ok for you and not too strongly concentrated. Otherwise mix it with a high-quality body oil or lotion.
If you are tanning the next day your lower abdomen please use a sunscreen. This is also important for the face. This oil contains a very potent 100% pure orange oil which increases sun sensitivity.
As an anti-stress treatment: mix in equal parts DIVINE FEMININE essential oil and DIVINE MASCULINE essential oil and then apply to the inner hollow of the wrist.
I am using a very little amount of the DIVINE FEMININE essential oil in my night cream/serum/ day cream with a sunscreen over and love to enjoy the deeply nourishing and cleansing, anti-aging effects of the vitamin C inside. Since I am using it, I never get any sun spots/ hyperpigmentation, even not while living in the tropics.

Diffuse- Apply Topically- Add to your beauty routine/bath- Use as a natural parfume

Size: 10ml

Cautions for essential oils:

  • Do a patch test before skin application
  • Keep it out of the reach of children
  • Dilute the oil if necessary (especially the DIVINE FEMININE oil must get diluted on the face please, because it is quite potent and has so much vitamin c inside)

The FEMININE essential oil is very powerful. It arrives with a plug and an additional dropper. If you transport it please use the plug for security issues. If you use the dropper try to keep the oil in a standing upright position. THANK YOU!


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