Yoni-Egg-Black Obsidian



My Yoni Eggs are GIA-certified, drilled (this must be in order to perform the exercises effectively), 100% natural, real, high-quality stones.
Personally, I wouldn’t start with this stone, but wait a bit and work with the other two stones first.
Black obsidian is a very effective lava stone that gives life force and is particularly strong against blockages or fear. Our vagina has stored many memories, it is said that themes from the entire female ancestry are stored in it. This stone helps to subdue issues and bring in daylight. It is also the ideal stone for performing yoni egg exercises at new moon. With the right exercises, this stone helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and the organs of the body. We also have different acupressure points in the vagina.
Conscious work with the yoni egg helps to promote a healthy flow of energy in the body, to process sexual trauma and to release blockages.
I myself gave birth to my son naturally and I believe that working with the Yoni Egg helped me with that. Even after the pregnancy, my pelvic floor regenerated quickly. The activated nerves also give you more intense orgasms.
I also give suitable yoni egg workshops (when booking the workshop, the egg will be less expensive J), which last one to two afternoons, depending on how deep you want to go. Due to time constraints, I rarely hold workshops, but I am open to an invitation, especially if several women have already gotten together. My workshops include the script and valuable knowledge of Mantak Chia, Minke de Vos and the Jade Temple in Thailand. I’ve been attending myself various trainings on these topics for years and I find that there exists no work that goes deeper into female wounds and into a very intimate body work than working with yoni eggs and everything that goes with it.
Please also get an idea of ​​the valuable and liberating work with yoni eggs on my YouTube channel.

A link to it: https://youtu.be/DF9JJjUDW-g

Size: medium 43x30mm


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