It consists of 100% real Jade of the best quality! Jade is especially recommended in hot climate or if you tend to have skin impurities. It is the classical stone of ancient china. In former times real Jade was more expensive than gold.
In my opinion the jade or the rose quartz stone is the only tool which you will need for your daily (best two times) GUA SHA face massage. With such a small, but very practical stone, which is perfectly suitable for travelling as well, and you can activate acupressure points in your face and on your neck, which will not only lead to a cleaner and a more beautiful skin, but also to a healthier life.
My GUA SHA stones help with relieving facial tension, reducing eye puffiness and improving lymphatic flow throughout the body. By lymphatic flow, we mean moving waste fluids away from a tense area, using massage and a gentle to firm pressure. I believe a GUA SHA massage is one of the best anti-aging and rejuvenation tools and that every woman or man on this planet should at least have tried.

My personal recommendations:

  • I personally clean my stones under lukewarm drinking water and I have a very clean skin since I am using them. If you feel like you prefer to clean them in a natural lavender or sea salt bath or with a high-quality soap.
  • I use my GUA SHA stone two times a day with my rose serum mixed with some essential oil and almond oil. I mix all of that in the bottle of the serum so it is ready, I just shake it before using it. After applying I start my massage and here is a video for you about how to do your GUA SHA massage. Please press quite firmly into the acupressure points as this will activate them very well.

How to use your GUA SHA Tool?

Please follow this link for my video. I hope you will find this massage method easy and effective as well and I am happy for your feed-back under my video(s). Thank you! english

How to choose your GUA SHA stone?

I personally have both stones at home and in winter or in a colder climate I use rose quartz and in summer or in the tropics I use jade. They are both non-porous stones, so they will not absorb any products you apply on your skin. Therefore, it is easy to clean them and hygienic to use them J.

Cautions when working with GUA SHA STONES:

  • If you do Botox injections please wait at least 10 days until you use the stone again for your face massage.
  • Please be careful not to smash GUA SHA stones on the floor as they can break.

Benefits of a Gua Sha massage:

  • It increases circulation and the lymphatic flow.
  • Some people have muscle tension in the jaw from teeth grinding and can release that tension with a daily GUA SHA massage.
  • It helps with the stimulation of the dermis to support collagen production.
  • GUA SHA releases congestion and soothe sore eyes.
  • This massage definitively brightens your complexion and brings a radiant glow.


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