Doris Kemptner


Modelling Vs Healing

First I want to clarify that I am very grateful for all the experiences that I was allowed to make in the model industry.

I met amazingly beautiful souls and like in any other field of work I received blessings and challenges. I worked on my path with many different clients, very established ones and as well with lovely new brands.

Nowadays I choose my clients strictly and I am happy to work with clients that support our environment, produce organic (yoga) clothes, select meaningful brand names, like KAANDA for example, work with the power of stones and recycle fur (…).

I prefer over the great salary clients with ethical values. Wise choices in fashion production are as well healing and improving our planet.


Khandas (kaanda) means “aggregates, groupings“. In Buddhism, it refers to the five aggregates concept that asserts five elements constitute and completely explain a sentient being’s mental and physical existence.

The five aggregates are form, sensations, perceptions, mental activity and consciousness.
The khandas explain what is a “being or individual” and the khandas theory complements the anatta doctrine of Buddhism which says that all things and beings are without self.
The anatta and “five aggregates” doctrines are part of the liberating way of Buddhism which says that all things and beings are without self. When you understand that you are not bound by any of this five khandas, you become skillful at reducing the ego.

The mind is clear and free and there is beauty in this freedom that will shine through.


Media Appearances


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"High professional model, beautiful and good person. She is my muse, my best pictures in my portfolio i did with Doris. I am always happy work with Doris again and again."

Anka Fateeva, Fashion Photographer


"I met Doris when we both got booked for Breitling Watches in Switzerland and it was great to have her. To work with her was easy and she has a friendly and outgoing personality. I did several different make ups on her and recommend her as a model."

  Nina Tatavitto, Make Up Artist

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"I did couple of shoots with Doris, it is easy to work with her and she has a loving and passionate attitude about modelling. She is amazing in front of camera and camouflage in to any role given. i am always happy to work with her again to create some magic in front of the camera."

Prasad Naik, Vogue Photographer

"I met Doris during a job for Schwarzkopf many years ago and it was love at the first sight. She's not only a teamplayer when working together but a sparkling personality with great empathy. I experienced her as honest, authentic and professional in what she's doing, taking her commitments very seriously. During her growth as a healer I could always rely on her clear view of things, and enjoy that strong amount of energy she's able to generate in her own sensitive way.

Doris is a wonderful creature and I am happy to have such a strong healer as my friend."

  Sophia Kasa, Model

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I met Doris few years ago when she started to work with our agency. She is someone who loves what she does and puts passion in everything that is part of her life. She always got good feedback from the clients because of her professionalism and friendly personality. She never stops smiling. Beautiful soul.

Cynthia Gutierrez, Head Booker Wilhelmina Models Dubai